Gluten Friendly vs. Gluten Free

At Pezzo, we state that items are gluten FRIENDLY vs. gluten FREE because of the shared cooking and preparation areas.  There does exist the possibility that our gluten friendly food items may come into contact with ingredients that are not gluten free.  Due to these circumstances, we are not able to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free from potential allergens.  Prior to placing your order, please inform the server if there are any food allergies or special dietary restrictions, and we will make every effort possible to accommodate. 

Dedication to food sensitive guests

Pezzo believes that food should be a wholesome, nutritious, delicious, and craveable experience for all. We continuously strive to provide carefully prepared food with fresh ingredients, insuring full, rich flavors that are simply made, specially hand-crafted, and soul satisfying, with ALL of our guests in mind.  That is our Pezzo promise to you – whether you have dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, keto, or paleo) or are just plain hungry. 

What makes our GF pizza crust unique

We purposefully took our time to develop Pezzo’s formulated gluten friendly crust. In doing this, we were able to make sure that we were as proud of our house made gluten friendly crust, as we are of our gluten coal fired and deep dish crusts.  Through many trials and testing, we thoughtfully developed a truly flavorful, golden crust, that has a wonderful crunchy texture, while also having the chewiness that is characteristic of our other crusts.  Comparing our gluten friendly crust with the many other gluten friendly/free crusts currently available, we are beyond pleased to offer this as an option to our guests.

Other GF Retail & Menu Items:

  • All of our salads are gluten friendly – just be sure to ask for “no croutons” on the Caesar salad
  • All of our appetizers are gluten friendly – just be sure to ask to substitute tortilla chips for the bread that would normally accompany our dips
  • The following pasta dishes can have gluten-free penne pasta as a substitute:  quattro formaggi, caccio de pepe, rigatoni with veal tomato gravy and hand-rolled meatballs
  • Our sides are also gluten friendly
  • The following retail items are gluten friendly:  dressings/marinades: sweet mustard basil vinaigrette, Italian red wine vinaigrette, honey vinaigrette; coal fired pizza sauce

GF Effort:

At Pezzo, we continuously look “outside the box” to develop new and creative culinary ideas, to better serve our guests, taking special consideration for those with allergens or dietary restrictions.  We seriously take into consideration any feedback or suggestions, so that we continue to be innovative in our mission to offer taste-bud satisfying options for ALL.